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Your Burning Questions Answered

Payments are deducted on the same day each month. If some other schedule is needed we can do our best to accommodate.

You can do a direct debit from your Checking Account or do any credit card. We do not accept cash as a payment method.

We do offer holds for 30 day minimums if you are unable to attend class.

We ask that you give us 10 day notice prior to your charge date to cancel.

YES! We love drop ins. We ask that you have CrossFit experience and that you sign up prior to coming in. Our drop in fee is $20 a class or $50 for the week. You can also add a shirt for $10.

YES! No experience needed. We do ask that you schedule this with a coach so that we can reserve a space in class.

We are limiting classes to 16 people MAX. Masks are optional within the facility. Members and coaches are making sure that each area in the gym is completely wiped down after use. We also own a fogger to disinfect the gym after each class. Our gym is clean and we are doing EVERYTHING to make sure that each person feels safe within our gym. We even have modifications for movements if you want to stay in your area for the entire class.

Let us explain why we do not offer beginner classes. We want you to feel a part of something the minute you sign up at the gym. Our coaches are more than cheerleaders. We are educated and knowledgeable to modify any movement needed for every fitness level that comes into our gym. You will be doing the exact same workout as everyone else, but scaled to your level in the gym. Each workout is your workout and we make sure to modify if needed so that you walk out feeling accomplished. CrossFit Full Strength is built off of a program designed for every person!